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    Advanced PET-CT Technology is helping to Beat Cancers Early

    Advanced PET-CT Technology is helping to Beat Cancers Early

    PET-CT technology continues to advance over time. Today’s digital PET-CT scanners are offering accurate imaging techniques with improved image quality. Now doctors can detect tiny cancer lesions using this technology. This helps doctors to effectively treat a patient’s cancer sooner.

    PET-CT is currently the gold standard of cancer imaging, and is approved for detecting and monitoring all types of cancer. The high tech digital scanners offer a lot of benefits in cancer care to patients including low radiation doses, minimum time in the scanning machine, and more accurate imaging.

    Here’s how PET-CT scans are helping with cancer treatment:

    • Detecting tricky thyroid tumors – Thyroid cancer cells are generally easy to track using radioactive iodine because they have a unique ability to absorb iodine and use it to make thyroid hormone. But sometimes the thyroid cells lose that ability in certain types of thyroid cancer, and doctors turn to PET-CT scanning.

    Patients with thyroid cancer are usually given a radioactive iodine pill which is treated like regular iodine by the body and sent everywhere in the body where there is thyroid tissue. The radioactive iodine has been chemically altered to get stuck in cancer cells acting like thyroid cells and get absorbed by the cells so that they can be spotted on imaging. PET-CT scanning uses radioactive sugar to locate cancer cells fast, and their metabolic reaction can be monitored throughout the body to spot the cancer and determine the course of treatment for the patient.

    • PET-CT scanning is also used to scan cancers of the bone to establish if they initially started in the bone or they spread from other areas of the body. This helps to develop guidelines that cancer care centers and doctors can use when testing for bone cancers and other cancers that metastasize to the bones.
    • A PET-CT scan can locate virtually any type of cancer in the body, and it has been approved for examining almost every cancer in any stage to help doctors plan treatment for patients.

    PET-CT technology has made advancements in cancer care. Physicians can provide patients with better care and results and is also a milestone for future imaging that will ensure quality care is offered to patients for many years to come.

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