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    CT Scan Image Service in Las Colinas: What to Expect

    Computerized tomography, or CT for short, is a commonly ordered diagnostic test. Although the procedure is widely used, people may find they are not quite as familiar with it as they are standard X-rays. When a doctor requests the use of a CT scan image service in Las Colinas, it will be because there is a need to have a more detailed picture of what is happening inside than body than a typical X-ray can provide.

    CT scans are able to provide doctors more information than an X-ray, because the images are taken from multiple angles. This provides a cross-sectional, comprehensive look at the body’s soft tissues and bones. The type of test is commonly associated with cancer diagnostics and treatment, but its benefits extend well beyond. CT scans, for example, may be ordered to find internal injuries or bleeding that may otherwise go undetected. Hairline fractures missed by X-rays, for example, are more likely to show up on CT scans.

    Patients who are asked to report to a CT scan image service in Las Colinas will find the test is pretty simple to endure. In many cases, it will only be slightly more involved than a standard X-ray. Patients are asked to lie on a table that will be positioned to enable the machine, which looks like a large ring, to provide the clearest pictures of the affected area possible. The machine will rotate around the body while taking the images. In some cases, a special dye will be swallowed or injected to allow a particular area of the body to be visualized more clearly.

    Once performed, CT images provide doctors a more in-depth look at what is going on inside the body. This, in turn, can lead to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for the patient, making the use of a CT important for helping put people on the road to recovery.


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