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    CT Scans and Imaging in Texas

    Improvements and discoveries in medical treatments are on-going. A development in the oncological field that has made a revolutionary mark is the advancements of PET/CT examinations.

    Doctors in Texas have commented that the advancements in imaging have transformed overall aspects of medicine. This advancement in imaging technology has made a tremendous impact in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

    Previously, doctors had to perform surgery to see and analyze the inside parts and functions of the body. With the help of PET/CT Imaging scans, they have eliminated this surgical approach.

    PET/CT Scans for Cancer

    PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. Although this is not a new technology, it has increased its significance since it has been combined with CT scanning. Now, doctors can receive both metabolic data and anatomic detail, all at once.

    When compared to other imaging technologies that produce pictures of the tissue or organs, PET/CT scans show the biological functions, such as glucose metabolism or blood flow. The scan can also show any early signs of metabolic changes in cancer, way before the tumor or any other changes in organs are seen.

    Reduced exposure to radiation: PET/CT scans help the doctor to see an extensive view of the patient’s condition. PET scans work by injecting a slight amount of radioactive material into the patient. The dose of radiation exposed is about the same as what you would receive during a typical X-ray.

    The future for hybrid imaging

    Radiology has shown drastic changes in the improvement and enhancement in oncology diagnosis for many people. The combination of separate CT and PET has become, in the past decade, the standard of imaging care for many oncology patients. The recent integration of these two modalities into a single scanning device offers several major interpretive and clinical advantages. Thanks to the development of new and improved technology, radiological treatments are safer, efficient and more affordable.



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