Cutting Edge Technology
At PET/CT of Las Colinas, we take our role in patient care very seriously. As an independently owned and operated diagnostic facility, it’s our mission to deliver excellence in care while providing our patients world-class, compassionate service from start to finish. That is why we insist on using cutting-edge technology to provide patients and physicians access to accurate, reliable results that open the door to better, more comprehensive treatments.

Positron Emission Tomography & Computed Tomography

Diagnostic procedures that enable doctors to “see” inside the body to find or rule out disease or other problems in an accurate, non-invasive manner have become the standard of care in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions. At PET/CT of Las Colinas, our testing procedures enable this while delivering the benefit of cutting edge combined scans that are better able to pinpoint the location of abnormal metabolic activity in the body. Combined scans have been proven to provide a more accurate diagnosis while enabling better, more precise care.

PET imaging is a type of nuclear medicine that uses a small amount of radioactive material to accurately highlight differences between healthy and diseased tissue. A PET scan is able to measure important functions, such as blood flow, oxygen use and sugar (glucose) metabolism. This, in turn, enables doctors to evaluate how well organs and tissues are functioning.

PET/CT scans produce diagnostic images, which can be used to evaluate and/or diagnosis a variety of conditions such as:

» Alzheimer’s disease
» Brain tumors
» Seizure disorders
» Cancer

They are also beneficial for preparing cancer treatment planning.

CT imaging relies on special X-ray equipment and may call for the use of a contrast material to help produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body. These images can then be interpreted by a radiologist. CT imaging provides excellent anatomic information while the PET portion of a scan offers insights into how the body is functioning. Combined, they provide physicians with a sharper view of what is happening inside the body so an accurate diagnosis can be made and an appropriate course of treatment prescribed. PET/CT scans combine the benefits of these two technologies into a single procedure that is less time consuming for patients, but more helpful for physicians in their quest to diagnose and treat patients.