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    Diagnostic Imaging in Las Colinas

     What Is Imaging/Radiology?

    Imaging or radiology has become an important part of modern medicine in Las Colinas, Texas. Imaging comprises of a variety of tests that show the images of certain areas of the body. These tests are used to check and assess for any possible health issues before the symptoms start to show.  Radiologists can easily diagnose, monitor and prescribe treatments based on the patient’s imaging reports.

    Different kinds of imaging are accessible which consists of X-rays, ultrasound, MRI and CT scan. Each one requires a different device to form an image of the infected part of the body. The images offer the opportunity for doctors to view the inside of their patient’s bodies.

    Diagnostic imaging is a non-invasive method that helps in detecting injuries or diseases through images of the affected part of a patient’s body.

    What are my choices in imaging?

    The most basic types of imaging comprise of:

    • CT scan (computed tomography scan)
    • positron-emission tomography (PET)
    • X-rays
    • Ultrasound
    • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
    • Nuclear medicine imaging.

    Each of these imaging tests involves using a different and particular kind of technology. The functions and images of these tests vary from one another. An X-ray will be the best imaging test to find out if you have a broken bone, while an MRI will show a tendon or muscle injury. Your doctor will recommend  which imaging test you will need.

    Is imaging the best choice for me?

    Imaging tests are much different than routine tests. Just as any other treatment or procedure, imaging tests should be done based on what your doctor determines is needed.

    You need to measure the benefits and risks when considering imaging tests.


    • Early detection of any ailment or disease
    • Diagnosis is made accurately
    • Ongoing and continuous monitoring
    • Treatment prescribed accordingly


    • Exposure to radiation rays
    • Dealing with emotional stress
    • High costs

    In conclusion, your doctor will determine if an imaging test will help with diagnosis.  The benefits of these tests will usually out-weigh any disadvantages.


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