• 28 MAR 18
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    Study Shows Many Patients Know Very Little about Their CT Scans, MRI, or X-Ray

    Before going  for a CT scan, X-ray, or MRI, many patients may have questions regarding the screening. According to new study, at least one in every five persons say they did not receive any information about the scanning procedure beforehand. Dr. Jay Pahade who is a radiology associate professor at Yale School of Medicine said that this study is important in the modern health care system where patient engagement and participation are important.

    In the study, common patient questions regarding imaging scans included:

    • What does the preparation for scanning entail?
    • Does the scanning use radiation?
    • How much does it cost?
    • And is the scan really neccessary?

    During the study, the researchers  surveyed over 1,400 patients and caregivers at three adult hospitals and three pediatric hospitals in the United States. The researchers asked the participants whether they had accessed imaging exam information, and what type of information they termed as the most helpful.

    The findings of the study were published online in the Radiology journal and they include:

    • Close to 80 percent of the patients said they had not received information related to scanning prior to the procedure. This implies one in every five persons show up for the exam without prior information of the test they should undergo.
    • The study revealed that patients value etst-related information more than the information that may relate to the dose. Therefore, healthcare providers should focus on providing that kind of information.
    • In the radiology realm, medical professionals should take charge of the entire imaging process. A big gap exists in the pre-imaging process, and data from the study shows the signficance of closing that gap.
    • About 50 percent of the respondents reported finding information on their own, from the internet. To help such patients, there is need to enhance the visibility of sites that offer this information.

    In conclusion, health facilities should step up patient engagement and involvement by offering information about CT scan, MRI, and X-rays to these patients.

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