• 24 FEB 18
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    Lower Intensity CT Scans Can Now Aid In Early Detection of Lung Cancer

    Until today, only sixteen percent of cases of lung cancer are diagnosed early. This is one of the key reasons why lung cancer is one of the highest lethality possessing cancers. However, if you are at greater risk for getting lung cancer, it is possible for you detect the disease in its earlier stages by having a low dose CT scan, reducing your odds of dying by a solid twenty percent.

    • Larry King detected his lung cancer early: The news that the previous host of CNN, Mr. King, had undergone treatment for lung cancer was shocking. However, the good news was that the cancer itself had been detected right in stage one. This was due to the usage of a low intensity CT scan, followed up by a PET scan to confirm its presence. Larry King later went through a surgery to get the tumor removed, along with about twenty percent of his lung. Thanks to the disease being caught so early, he didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy. He went back to work in just two weeks post his surgery, fully free of cancer.
    • The American Lung Association has launched a quiz to help you out: The American Lung Association has released a new quiz called Saved By The Scan to help you know if you’re eligible to take the scan. You can take the quiz at lung.org.
    • Reasons for being at higher risk: If you had quit smoking recently, but had been smoking for the past three decades, your risk of getting lung cancer is drastically increased. Being chronically exposed to industrial pollutants such as nickel, arsenic, asbestos, and chromium can also increases your risk.

    If you have a family history of cancer, it is best for you to get checked as well as this is also a factor that increases risk of lung cancer.


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