• 15 AUG 18
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     Amyloid PET scan Clinical Setting

    Pet scans are used to discover the existence of dementia-inducing Amyloid plaque in the brain for regular clinical use. Based on research published in JAMA Neurology, researchers found out that negative and positive outcomes determined the diagnosis of patients with or without dementia. Researchers enrolled subjects from patients with cognitive impairments to those without dementia.

    • 24 JUL 18
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    Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Using Amyvid for PET Scan

    Amyvid (Florbetapir F 18 injection) is a radioactive agent for PET imaging of the brain in adults to estimate the brain amyloid plaque content in patients who have cognitive decline. The medicine was approved for use by the FDA. Cognitive decline is a situation where a patient has difficulty thinking clearly and rationally and making

    • 15 JUL 18
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    Guidelines on Finding the Best Imaging Center in Texas

    Although it’s essential for cancer to be detected early for effective treatment, some cancers are difficult to detect. Imaging techniques are methods of generating pictures of the body and have become an essential element of early detection of many cancers. Imaging also helps in determining the stage and precise cancer locations to help in directing

    • 23 JUN 18
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    Utilizing PET-CT When Planning External Radiation Therapy  for Prostate Cancer

    Radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy are preferred treatment options for localized prostate cancer patients. When the level of the prostate-specific antigen rises after radical prostatectomy, that is an indication of recurrence of prostate cancer, and the patients can still be cured with salvage radiotherapy. Chances for a cure can be maximized by surrounding the extent of