• 25 MAR 15
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    Imaging for a Less Invasive Diagnosis

    In the past, identifying disease typically came as a result of surgery. When certain symptoms were present in their patient, a doctor would make the call to perform exploratory surgery during which they would be able to determine if disease did in fact exist. Of course, there are always risks associated with surgery of any

    • 20 MAR 15
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    What You Need to do to Get Ready for a CT Scan

    When you’re not feeling good and your doctor starts ordering a bunch of tests, anxiety levels can run high. Chances are you’re not only worried about what could be causing the problem and/or the pain, but you’re also concerned about how involved and potentially painful or uncomfortable testing procedures might be. If your doctor has

    • 15 MAR 15
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    CT Scans Can Help Detect Heart Problems

    When heart disease is suspected, confirming a diagnosis and moving forward with measures to slow or stop its progression can make all the difference in the world for increasing chances for longevity. While functional stress tests are the traditional method for detecting heart conditions, CT scans have proven themselves as effective, a new study reveals.

    • 12 MAR 15
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    Computed Tomography Colonography Offers Alternative to Colonoscopies

    Computerized imaging in the form of CT (computerized topography) scans provides a way for medical teams to explore the inner depths of the body without having to put a patient through lengthy, painful, costly exploratory surgery. In fact, imaging has changed the way that we are able to detect and diagnose a variety of diseases.