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    Things to Know About CT Imaging in Texas

    One of the most common medical procedures is a CT scan, but very few people actually know what precisely it is, and what the process of getting one entails. This will explain what a CT scan is exactly, and how it is essential to the medical industry.

    • What a CT scan actually is: A CT scan, or computerized tomography, is a process where pictures are taken of a person’s body, almost like how an X-ray works. Unlike an X-ray where only bones can be seen, a CT scan can provide more details in its multiple cross section layout of both the bones and the body’s tissue. This can be examined individually, or assembled with the other parts to create a three-dimensional image of the entire picture. The doctor will order a detailed scan of a specific region of the body.
    • What it does and entails: The imaging is used to find evidence of many diseases, such as cancer, and also find internalized injuries and bleeding. CT imaging in Texas can also track the exact location of a tumor, and ensure treatment is working accurately. The scans are not invasive or painful and is quick. You will wear a gown and be asked to remove metal objects and jewelry, you will lay on a table according to the region to be scanned. The machine is shaped like a ring that undergoes rotations around you to get pictures. You can relax, though occasionally you may be asked to hold your breath.
    • After a scan: There is no recovery time needed after the scan. You might have to consume more fluids if you had a contrast scan, which involves injecting tracer drugs into your system. The results are seen on a computer screen and interpreted by a radiologist.

    A CT scan is a highly useful and accurate process which has practically no risks, and can help your doctors get the very detailed information about your body.


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