• 20 MAR 15
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    What You Need to do to Get Ready for a CT Scan

    When you’re not feeling good and your doctor starts ordering a bunch of tests, anxiety levels can run high. Chances are you’re not only worried about what could be causing the problem and/or the pain, but you’re also concerned about how involved and potentially painful or uncomfortable testing procedures might be.

    If your doctor has ordered a CT scan, there’s no reason for alarm. This is a very simple testing procedure that can produce tremendous results with very little discomfort involved at all. In fact, in most cases, there’s nothing more to a CT scan than sitting for a picture, just like with an X-ray.

    So, what do you need to do to get ready for this type of imaging work? Believe it or not, nothing really. Beyond making sure your appointment is set up and the testing facility has your insurance and payment information, all you need to do is show up.

    The entire procedure works very much like an X-ray. That means you’ll be positioned on a table that will be slowly moved into the imaging area. The machine will snap the shots your doctor has asked for, the technician will check them out and then you’ll be on your way. Results don’t take very long to get to your doctor either, which means you could have your answers pretty soon.

    Now, if your doctor has ordered “contrast” with your CT scan, you can expect a few other things to happen. That contrast is a dye that is injected into the body prior to a scan to enable more clear pictures of soft tissue. This can take a little prep time at the testing facility, but honestly not all that much. All that’s involved is a tiny needle prick and you should be good to go once the dye has had a chance to make its way through your body.

    Getting ready for a CT scan is really no more complicated than going in for an X-ray. If your doctor has ordered one for you, just relax. The whole process is pretty quick and thanks to the cross-sectional imagery delivered, your doctor gains a much clearer picture of what’s going on inside your body when this type of test is performed.

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